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The asset advisory team specialise in delivering asset management solutions, including condition building services audits and decommissioning advice. Our services typically take a holistic approach looking at system health, expected remaining life and system performance (energy and water consumption, air quality, occupant comfort, etc.)  We pride ourselves on being able to offer solutions rather than highlighting problems. Thus, our condition audits always include strategic improvement plans.

Our fully customisable asset management system ADAMM, to benchmark and develop strategic improvement plans for the greatest efficiency and value for our clients, and enabling fully informed strategic asset planning.


ADAMM creates an accessible, trackable database of the major assets within the property portfolio. Benchmarking via ADAMM is aimed to ensure progressive detrition of asset performance is captured for the use of strategic asset planning and enables fully informed decision making.

  • Asset Management

  • Due Diligence

  • Strategic Asset Improvement

  • Building Condition Audits

Asset Advisory
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