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Asset Management

Detailed service offering

We offer asset management utilising our fully customisable asset management system ADAMM thus ensuring the greatest efficiency and value for our clients.


Desktop Information Gathering​

  • Workshop with site manager to gather information and knowledge.

  • Record any existing asset register content in ADAMM

  • Review available as-built documentation and O&M manuals adding content to OneDrive and relevant links in ADAMM

  • Where no digital O&M are available Building-Performance shall organise OCR (optical character recognition scanning of all documentation – client to reimburse at 100% any 3rd party scanning fees incurred)

  • Review content of previous asset condition reports and input relevant information to ADAMM.

Initial Site Audit

  • Up to 1 day onsite by Audit team (2-3 members) per 50,000m2 NLA/GLA or Property 

  • Visual inspection of all major and accessible building assets in operation

  • Undertake O&M and as-built cross check to confirm validity

  • Photograph all major asset items

  • Capture condition and nameplate information for all major and accessible building assets to allow.

ADAMM Content Management

Throughout the contract life Building-Performance shall continue to work with client to ensure ADAMM has accurately calculated the agreed fields for all major assets (both existing and future installed). Sample fields to be included below;

  • Category

  • Sub-Category

  • Asset ID (Unique national identifier which includes local asset name)

  • Type (Description of assets specifics)

  • Life Cycle (Anticipated lifespan of asset based on ATO/CIBSE/AIRAH/ASHRAE etc)

  • Condition - High Level (Comments on non-invasive condition inspections by engineers)

  • Schedule for identified asset improvement (i.e. list of timeframes to rectify issues)

  • Replacement Value Estimate (non QS value)

  • Quantity

  • Make, Model No & Serial No of Assets

Ongoing Asset Performance Benchmarking 

Carried out in line with CIBSE guide M frequency for auditing or as agreed based on asset type:

  • Visual Inspection of condition

  • Thermal imaging of all assets identified to be consuming 2.5 kWe of greater

  • Vibration Analysis of all accessible rotating assets

  • Power Analysis (Current and Voltage logging) of all of all assets consuming 2.5 kWe of greater


This benchmarking will not replace current maintenance or legislative requirements for audits, rather it is aimed to ensure progressive detrition of asset performance is captured for the use of Strategic asset planning.


Energy Auditing & Tracking (NABERS where applicable)

  • Annual Level 1 energy audits by a suitably qualified energy auditor including entry to all site plantrooms

  • Photo record and engineer’s notes provided in ADAMM linked to relevant asset

  • Work with BMS contractors to set up BMS trends required were available

  • Monthly remote login to site BMS and Quarterly site inspections

  • Live linked reporting and identification of energy waste

  • Includes live informal NABERS reports but excludes formal NABERS assessment (add $1,500 per formal assessment excl. lodgement fee)

Maintenance Audits

Maintenance audits review the performance, processes and accounting processes of maintenance contractors.


The audit is aimed to ascertain overall performance, they do not replace the day to day monitoring carried out by site management, rather they create a standardized overview index and score which can be used to make strategic decisions when renewing or reviewing maintenance contracts. 

  • Undertake review of all service maintenance contractors i.e. (Elec, Mech, BMS & Hyd)

  • Review PPM register against actual evidence of maintenance

  • Review Maintenance Log Books, Service Callouts and Reports

  • Work with client to complete CIBSE Guide M Maintenance audit questionnaire to provide a maintenance score for relevant contractors. 

Detailed Reporting (Excel linked)

Setup up to of any 3 (three) customised reports per $10m of portfolio value. These reports shall be Microsoft Excel based and use the live linked ADAMM content to ensure the report and graphing is accurate and relevant to asset managers requirements. Following year 1 an allowance for up to 2hrs p.a per report of report modification is allowed each year.

Asset Overview Reports & Dashboard (Power BI) 


1 (One) power BI license will be provide linked to the client Admin account.. An additional ADMIN license is included for every $100m of portfolio. Power BI transforms ADAMM’s data into rich visuals. Building-Performance shall setup up to 3 (three) portfolio Power BI reports per $10m of portfolio value along with 1 (one) power BI report per building. Power BI training will also be given.

Due Diligence

Detailed Service Offering

We offer full Due Diligence advice on building services to navigate the environmental, regulatory and financial aspects of the property market. 

We can help you develop a strategic approach and provide recommendations to confirm environmental and yield assumptions for an energy asset acquisition, demonstrate your Environmental, Social and Governance credentials during sale, or understand the costs associated with regulatory changes for your property portfolio.


Our recommendations will enable full knowledge of the assets and building services to limit risk, pursue opportunities and maximise returns.

Strategic Asset Improvement

Detailed Service offering

We can provide strategic improvement plans to help building owners make critical decisions on when and how to improve the value of their asset.

Energy Improvement

Following a AS3598 Level 1 Energy Audit​

  • Assessment of all current Energy ratings where applicable(or undertake unofficial whole building assessment if no current NABERS or equivalent available).

  • Identify metering issues for separation of energy for base building services and tenancy.

  • Undertake calculations to determine approximate energy savings and paybacks.

  • Reverse calculate energy thresholds for all base building energy ratings.

  • Create base building matrix to demonstrate impact of variance in rateable tenant Hours and rateable occupied NLA.

  • Create a strategy to meet targeted Base building.

  • Issue of a report (draft and final) summarising energy improvement strategy.

  • Allowance for up to 3 x 1 hour meeting to discuss strategies and review​

PCA Office Analysis

Based on - Property Council of Australia "2012:A Guide to Office Building Quality".

Analysis covers all applicable tool parameters including:​

Environment, configuration, mechanical, tenant services, lifts, electrical, standby power,
building management, hydraulics, security, amenities and parking.

Grades are:         Premium, Grad A, Grade B


New Office​​

  • Assist with preliminary identification of top 3 candidates.

  • Review up to 3 proposed offices (access to all required information assumed).

  • Create PCA improvement Matrix to show all grades and parameters achieved by each of the buildings.

  • Identify risks with each of the proposed offices.

  • Allowance for up to 5 x 2 hour meeting to discuss, strategies and review.


Existing Office

  • Review of current office performance (access to all required information assumed).

  • Identify areas of plausible improvement.

  • Create PCA improvement Matrix to show all grades and parameters achieved or not achieved.

  • Provide approximate costing and strategies to achieve applicable improvements.

  • Allowance for up to 5 x 2 hour meeting to discuss, strategies and review.

New Site Selector

Typical categorise: Regulatory Environment, Marketability, Accessibility, Suitability, Environmental impact, Economic impact, Social Impact​​

  • Customisation of site assessment tool categorise and sub-categorise

  • Development specific weighting to suit project aspirations

  • Copy-right free issue of customised tool for further re-analysis

  • Inclusion of category explanations and final results summaries

  • Allowance for up to​ 3 x 2hr meeting to discuss, strategies and review


Building Condition Audits

Detailed Service offering

We offer condition building services audits and decommissioning advice. These services typically take a holistic approach looking at system health, expected remaining life and system performance (energy and water consumption, air quality, occupant comfort, etc.)  We pride ourselves on being able to offer solutions rather than highlighting problems. Thus our condition audits always include strategic improvement plans.


  • Inspect the property internally and externally. Entering all plantrooms and up to 30% of accessible rooms.

  • Review available as-built documentation and O&M manuals.

  • Where appropriate, prepare sketches of each system to show existing defects.

  • Photograph all major plant items.

  • Provide strategic improvement plan with high level (non costed) written solutions for major defects.

  • Prepare (draft and final) reports including sketches and colour photographs along with up to 3hr client meetings (per 5000m2 NLA/ GLA).


  • Inspect the property internally and externally. Entering all plantrooms and all accessible spaces.

  • Review available as-built documentation and O&M manuals.

  • Create Asset condition register in ADAMM (Exported to Excel as required).

  • Undertake as-built cross check of 10% of areas to confirm validity.

  • Where appropriate, prepare sketches of each system to show existing defects.

  • Photograph all significant plant items.

  • Provide a strategic improvement plan showing solutions in sketch form with budget estimation based on Rawlinsons pricing.

  • Prepare (draft and final) reports including sketches and colour photographs along with up to 10hr client meetings (per 5000m2)​

System re-use / De-commissioning

Inspect the property internally and externally. Entering all plantrooms and 100% of accessible spaces.

  • Review available as-built documentation and O&M manuals.

  • Undertake as-built cross check of 100% of areas to confirm validity. Where issues arise amend documentation to ensure accurate system documentation.

  • Photograph all plant items and produce an asset register denoting condition, estimated plant life, replacement date, areas served etc.

  • Provide a comprehensive strategic improvement plan complete with drawings in DWG form suitable for D&C tender purposes for works required.

  • Provide a performance specification for D&C tender purposes for works required.

  • An initial budget estimation based on Rawlinsons pricing plus on going contractor costing support to project QS.

  • Interviews of up to 5 tenderers to ensure understanding of works.

  • Review program of works with selected contractors and their subcontractors.

  • Response to lead contractors RFI's.

  • Review of the workshop drawings of the proposed modifications.

  • Undertake functional performance testing on system modifications.​

  • Prepare Scheme, Tender and Construction of (draft and final) reports along with up to 50hr client meetings and site inspections (per 5000m2).

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