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Happy World Environment Day

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Building-Performance applies expertise every day to help reduce energy use in buildings throughout Australia.

On World Environment Day we are taking a moment to share how we are assisting Dexus to achieve their 2030 net zero carbon target. Dexus has an ambitious environmental target, and as such, has engaged us to develop an overview of strategic improvement opportunities to optimise energy and water initiatives within their real estate portfolio.

Using our unique tool ADAMM (Asset Database for Auditing and Maintenance Management), we have mapped and audited relevant assets allowing opportunity tracking to produce an ESD forecast pathway for all buildings NABERS categories (Energy & Water). The data is analysed within ADAMM, and improvement opportunities presented in a collated dashboard to allow further, ongoing analysis by the client to assist with achieving their 2030 sustainable goals.

Here at Building-Performance, we are 100% committed to optimising performance of both new and existing facilities, we think about it everyday and on global awareness-raising days like today, we are very proud to be contributing to reduced energy use in buildings across Australia.

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